Michael A. Stubblefield

Michael A. Stubblefield is the Vice Chancellor for Research and Strategic Initiatives at Southern University A&M College in Baton Rouge. He also serves as an Associate Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department.

Michael received a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and doctoral studies in engineering science from Southern University and Louisiana State University, respectively. He guides research administration, strategic initiatives, and economic development for the university via offices such as the Louisiana Small Business Development Center at Southern. He aligned the SU Office of Governmental Contracting Services and the Student Innovation Center to expand the ability of Southern to promote small businesses in the federal contracting.

Michael has received research and educational grants and contracts from various agencies, including the USDA, Army Corps of Engineers, Commerce, Defense, NASA, NSF, EPA, as well as from Louisiana funding agencies, and private companies. Topics range from HBCU capacity building, curriculum/laboratory development, materials science, energy, and undergraduate/ graduate research experiences, and small business/economic development. Michael has been able to expand this effort to global forums in Africa and Asia, designed to develop SU students as true global participants in matters that are of international importance.